Hello from Tucson

It’s been a busy couple of weeks for MIM+E. We’ve wrapped the Spring issue (Petoskey! Distilleries! Garden venues!), started reporting the Summer issue, counted the votes for our 2014 Best of Awards and chosen our Hall of Fame inductees (Hint: They’re educated, inspiring and with a list of accomplishments a mile long.)

In the midst of all this, I flew to Tucson for a week with my son for vacation. I’m a believer in changing one’s perspective, and the best way to change it on the winter weather is to hop a plane to a warm climate.

An Evening of Magic in Santa Monica

The stately 1920’s Hotel Casa Del Mar, which sits right on the sand in Santa Monica, is always a magical place to visit. But never more so than when Derek Hughes is in residence. A "modern conjurer" and comedian, he’s performing a show he calls Insomnia in a private suite on a half-dozen dates over the next few months. I caught a preview performance of Insomnia and it’s both astonishing and charming. The space where Hughes works his magic is limited to 50 guests, giving you a close-up view of the goings on and a chance to participate. Still, 

Holiday Cheer Burns Bright at Greenfield Village

If you wanted to convince me to spend an hour or so wandering around in the bitter cold in the name of fun, you’d have a steep hill to climb. So take my word for it: Holiday Nights at Greenfield Village is an outing that everyone should enjoy at least one.

This was my first year attending the iconic event, which covers a large swath of the village and features a broad range of holiday and historical fun, from carolers to roasting chestnuts to Model T rides.

My Quick Kimpton Getaway

When I was invited on a combination staycation and quick getaway by Kimpton Hotels I quickly said yes. These boutique properties are among my favorite places to stay, especially since they welcome dogs of all sizes and breeds. That meant my golden retriever Carlos could come with me.

Clear-eyed Optimism

On Tuesday, the New York Times ran an above-the-fold front-page feature on Detroit, depicting its current fortunes as a tale of two cities: both desolate and deprived, yet economically revitalizing and growing several key sectors. (As an aside, I long for the story on Detroit that avoids the word "grit.")


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