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-Expert Advice-
BY Carol Galle, CMP
-Expert Advice-
BY Carol Galle, CMP


3 Questions to Consider Before Investing in Event Photography

HIRING A PHOTOGRAPHER to document a corporate event is often an afterthought, but several important details should be integrated into your proposal and budget from the beginning. Here’s what to consider when planning photography for your event:

1. What is your vision?
Prepare a timeline outlining the specifics of your event, highlight the elements and people you expect to be documented and communicate the intended need of those images to the photographer. 

Why Guest Service Matters Now More Than Ever

Whether you're an event planner or a member of the hospitality industry, customer service should be very important to you.

Look around: When it comes to service, the world has changed. We pump our own gas, we use ATMs for most banking transactions, and we scan and bag our own groceries. As businesses continue to automate and reduce expenses, self-service has become the norm.

Perfect Pitch

I’m not typically someone who watches televised sports, but I recently found myself glued to the TV watching…wait for it…Little League baseball.

What?!! I’ve spent many hours sitting in the stands at baseball games thanks to a Little League playing-son, so why was I spending a sunny Friday afternoon watching it on TV? Two words - Mo’ne Davis. She’s an ace pitcher who just so happens to strike out batters with a 70 mph pitch. Her team is from smack dab in the center of Philadelphia, which is a rarity for Little League, a youth sport typically dominated by suburban teams.

Lessons from Helen Mirren (Well, Kinda) on Planning a Group Dinner

I just came back from a screening of the delicious Hundred-Foot Journey, the Helen Mirren movie that opens later this month, about the rivalry between two restaurants in a small village in the South of France. Mirren is the icy proprietress of a decades-old, Michelin-starred classical French restaurant; across the road the boisterous Kadam family is opening a traditional Indian spot featuring the vivid cuisine—and lively music--of their native Mumbai.

Dealing with Murphy: Use Planning Templates, Not Guesswork

Special events are different from other projects. An event is a one-time activity with fixed boundaries and there is little to no wiggle room. Once the date, time and location are set, you face a hard deadline. Ready or not, the show must go on!

According to Murphy, if something does go wrong, the client looks to the event planner—whatever the circumstances might be. This is why meticulous planning is paramount, and using templates will streamline the process.

Travel Directors: A Meeting Planner's Secret Weapon

AS PLANNERS, we all have been to countless meetings and events, and when it is time to read the event evaluations, it’s always nice to hear great feedback from the guests. Of course, most of those guests have no idea how many hours went into planning a successful event: the sourcing, number crunching, agenda printing, deciding which shade of blue is just right and so on. One of my favorite parts of meeting and event planning is on-site operations. There is something magical about it. All of the hard work and planning jumps off the paper and into reality, yet anything can still happen.

Launching Your Own Planning Business

About eight years ago, I decided to strike out on my own as a self-employed writer and editor. I’d spent years as a journalist and a staff writer, and I was frustrated by the limits on my salary and the lack of flexibility in my schedule. So with no savings, a lot of debt and just a few dependable freelancing gigs, I quit my full-time writing job and set up shop in my apartment’s second bedroom.

5 Must-Have Technologies for an Event

So, you’re tasked at pulling together an event. The charter? To produce an excellent event for the client that will engage the attendees, foster great conversation and networking, and not to mention, run smoothly. One of the key components to having a successful event is the choice of technology, which can be overlooked or underestimated. Technology can affect the overall energy, perception, and even communication of the event. It is an element that, if done right, can boost your clients ROI, increase networking, and keep the event running seamlessly.


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