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-Expert Advice-
BY Carol Galle, CMP
-Expert Advice-
BY Carol Galle, CMP


Tips for Effective PR

EVERYTHING DEPENDS ON STORY-who we are, what we do, our goals and dreams, and how we get there. As a public relations professional, I know well that story and relationships are the cornerstones for all success.

Public relations is relationships with key publics to grow your business. PR is more than simply getting on television or having your organization or event featured in the paper. It’s about building the right relationships that are going to bring in new customers, members or supporters and expand your reach to new audiences.

Adapting is the Key to Success

I recently had the opportunity to attend a lecture give by artist, author and entrepreneur Erik Wahl. Wahl’s personal story is an uplifting one. He enjoyed financial success with a dot-com business but after the bust, he lost everything. As he put it, he equated his "self worth with his net worth." As an outlet for his worsening depression, Wahl turned to art. He began creating graffiti art as an outlet and it soon blossomed into a career as a keynote speaker and consultant to Fortune 500 companies across the country.

Saying “Thanks” Is a Great Way to Give Yourself a Holiday Gift

Around this time of year we hear over and over that we should be giving thanks. We probably all do pause for a bit at Thanksgiving to look around the table to tell family and 
friends that we’re glad they are in our lives, but what about all the other people we deal with? As we head into the holidays, even with all the other demands on our time and energy, saying thanks to the people with whom we do business has some very positive benefits.

Smart Crisis Management

When Disaster Strikes
Smart crisis management planning allowed workplace equality leaders to meet
Hurricane Sandy head on during a summit.
When Disaster Strikes- Smart crisis management planning allowed workplace equality leaders to meet Hurricane Sandy head on during a summit.

MIM+E Launches the Meetings Coach with Aaron Wolowiec

Have a pressing meetings dilemma? MiM+E is here to help! Aaron Wolowiec, founder and president of Event Garde, a professional development consulting firm in Grand Rapids, is now penning a regular advice column for MiM+E. The column is called, "The Meetings Coach," and we’re excited to offer it to our readers.

Aaron was profiled in our Winter 2013 issue as a Very Important Person You Need to Know, and he’s got loads of experience and insight to share with the meetings and events industry.


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