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-Expert Advice-
BY Carol Galle, CMP
-Expert Advice-
BY Carol Galle, CMP


Marketing Your Event to Help Boost Attendance

Often an event planner is not only responsible for coordinating an event’s logistics but for marketing it as well. Here is a list of tips for planners to use as they prepare to promote their next conference or meeting.

  1. Do your research. Use post-show and member surveys that ask why people are - and are not - attending your events. Consider creating a conference advisory committee to gather feedback from attendees, exhibitors, etc.



Office Feng Shui

Meeting and event planners have to blend creativity with high levels of productivity, managing minute details in service of a larger vision. If you’re looking to ramp up your productivity at work, create an environment that supports your goal. That’s the idea behind office feng shui. Here are some easy steps to make your office a more creative place.

Kill the clutter


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