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Anything Is Possible When You Take Your Event To A Rooftop Venue

When summer comes to Michigan, everyone wants to be outside. Remember this James Taylor song?

“When this old world starts getting me down
and people are just too much for me to face,
I climb way up to the top of the stairs
and all my cares just drift right into space…
Up on the roof.”

Use this tune as your inspiration and let the skyline views and twinkling stars add sparkle to your event. Here are four venues around the state that can take your party to new heights.

Cheli’s Chili Bar

Lansing and it's Surroundings Offer Delectable Dining Options

Michigan's capital city is home to terrific restaurants that offer not only great food but also event space. Whether you need room for hundreds of people or as few as four, you won’t lack in choices. Following are five Lansing-area restaurants that offer tasty fare and meeting space.

The English Inn Restaurant & Pub, Eaton Rapids

Small Plate Restaurants Allow Guests to Share More Than Plates

Consider the standard dinner meeting: Guests are enjoying themselves, talking and laughing—until the food arrives. “[Then] everyone goes into their own world and the fun seems to pause,” says Troy Banton, general manager of FireFly in Traverse City.

To amp up the intimacy and bring socialization back to the dinner table, try sharing tapas. It gives colleagues who don’t know each other well something to talk about besides business. “[Sharing tapas] forces you to engage with people,” says Natasha Marin, events manager of Selden Standard in Detroit.

Restaurant Recommendation: It's a Matter of Taste

Michigan may be the Great Lakes state, but we’ve got plenty of inland waters, too. And some of them make fantastic settings for group dining. It’s a Matter of Taste in Commerce Township offers gorgeous views of Union Lake from both its restaurant and its second-story banquet facilities. Restaurant Manager Robin Traynor says though the menu is Italian-based, the food is “eclectic, with a bit of something from everywhere.”

Sushi Restaurants Make For Lively Events

Sushi is an event in itself. Watch the chef create a roll with artistry and precision, admire the beautiful presentation on your plate and, finally, enjoy the delicious combinations of flavors and textures. With so much to tempt the eye and the palate, sushi restaurants offer distinctive settings for events. Consider these eateries for sushi offerings to accent your next gathering.

Red Ginger, Traverse City

Try the Dinner Club Pop Up for a New Dining Experience

Looking for a distinctive dining experience for guests? Try the Dinner Club Pop Up in Ferndale.

The creation of Matthew Baldridge, former executive chef at Cliff Bell’s and Seldom Blues, photographer Janna Coumoundouros and gallery owner Derek John, the monthly Dinner Club Pop Up changes its menu and art each time (it’s usually held in John’s Storefront Gallery). Diners are seated at one large table; two seating times, for 20 people each, are available each time.

Explore Ann Arbor's Event-Friendly International Restuarants

Ann Arbor boasts an impressive array of international restaurants that will add special flair—and memories—to your next meeting or group event. From Ethiopian cuisine traditionally eaten with fingers to relatively uncommon Turkish fare, groups can dine their way around the world without leaving the city limits.


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