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BY Carol Galle, CMP


Think Spring for Your Next Goodie Bag

Event bags are always a hit with guests. And while most parties can’t live up to the standard of celebrity gift bags (This year’s Academy Award gift bags included $20,000 worth of merchandise featuring a private dinner party at Morton’s steakhouse and a pair of Beamer Video Phones), us ‘regular people’ can have just as much fun with gifts for our guests. Themed bags are a consistently good idea, and we have just the thing for your upcoming spring soiree.

Let’s Talk About Flowers

Once upon a time, I thought flowers were a foolish item to spend money on. If one had an elastic event budget, then fine. But if money was limited, it seemed like flowers belonged low on the priority list.

Then I got married, and I had the good sense to hire Bill Hamilton to oversee the décor. I gave him my small budget and basically told him to do what he wanted – I trusted his judgment and didn’t have much of an opinion. My venue, which was my church, was rather plain, especially the reception space.

Earth-Friendly Events: A Planner's Guide to Going Green

In fact, the American Society of Association Executives’ Convene Green Alliance recently published an article dispelling myths surrounding green events. The organization’s director, Kristin Clarke, says the biggest untruth is that green events cost more to produce. “That’s just not the case anymore,” Clarke says. “You don’t need a bigger budget to have a green meeting. The prices on many things, including recycling services and compostable products, have gone way down.”


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