Maybe it was the Detroit location, maybe it was the beautiful weather, maybe it was just the great drinks – whatever the reason, we had a wonderful 11th Annual Best of Michigan awards party. We were thrilled to be hosting such an outstanding group of industry people and celebrating their accomplishments.

We did, though, err when it came to two of our attendees – one an honoree, the other a sponsor and supporter. And it’s important to us to make that right as best we can.

Sweet Themes, a wonderful Traverse City décor provider, was a finalist in our Best Décor Provider category. Somehow in our internal process, the company’s name was changed – both in print and in the PowerPoint for the awards presentation – to Sweet Themes Bakery. I don’t doubt the Washington-based bakery is delightful, but it was not the intended recipient of the evening’s commendations. Sweet Themes suffered the disappointment of seeing an exciting recognition undermined due to our error. We apologize sincerely.

Our second error that night regarded proper recognition of Holiday Market. Our dessert sponsor bailed on us pretty late in the planning process, leaving us anxious about how we were going to provide a sweet ending to the evening. Holiday Market jumped in with little notice, and the table of utterly delectable desserts (I could not get enough of those miniature pies) was helmed by Traci Bahlman, a member of our editorial advisory board. It was brought to our attention later (not by Traci, who’s too kind) that we had failed to update our sponsor list in the presentation to properly thank Holiday. We’re sorry for that, and want to say a very sincere thank you to Holiday, both for saving our bacon and for being so good at what they do. And thank you especially to Traci, who normally would have been able to enjoy the evening as a board member rather than working.

Hopefully you’ve had a chance to review our photo gallery from the evening and watch our highlight video. For those of you still glowing from the night, we’re already scoping out locations for next year’s party in Traverse City!

 Hands down, these seven superstars shine the brightest. 


 It’s time for the winners of our readers’ choice awards to take a bow. Congratulations to all!