Last week I attended the Michigan Meetings Expo, hosted by Destination Michigan and held at MotorCity Casino Hotel.

The event’s focus was emergency preparedness. After hearing from speakers Bob Hertel, of VIKTOR, and Fred Isaacs, of MotorCity, attendees were given scenarios to discuss at their table. (For a list of possible disasters and their proposed solutions, see the helpful document Destination Michigan compiled after the event.)

After lunch was the exhibitor show, which is often my favorite part of these events. I always discover some interesting new venue or make a new industry contact. Also, they’re a great place to score free cookies.

The expo sparked an interest in including a story on emergency preparedness in an upcoming issue of Michigan Meetings + Events. If you’ve had to respond to a disaster, from a drunk board member at a fundraising party to a power loss to a major weather event, we’d like to hear from you. How did you handle it? What would do differently if given the chance?

Finally, if you haven’t already, please register to attend our upcoming Readers’ Choice Awards Party on May 29 at the Gem Theatre in Detroit. It’s free, it’s fun and our giveaway is awesome (though no promises on a cookie).

“Cannabis can have a presence in the dinner entrées and the desserts at an event. One of our panel experts from the event, Chef Sunflower [aka Enid Parham], plans the meals with ‘microdoses’ of cannabis so there is not too much consumed at one time,” says Connie Seibt, event manager and vice president of programs and education, ILEA Detroit. “It should be planned ahead for the type of cannabis to infuse in the foods, i.e. providing a relaxing mood versus high energy.


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