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    FROM THE Summer 2018 ISSUE

    More than 200 attended the National Council of Corvette Clubs Michigan Region awards banquet at Matick.

    <p>More than 200 attended the National Council of Corvette Clubs Michigan Region awards banquet at Matick.</p>

The idea of hosting a meeting or event at an automotive dealership certainly has some wheels to it.

Just ask Molly Williams, chief operating officer of Matick Automotive Group, which runs Matick Chevrolet in Redford Township.

“We’ve probably hosted 10 major events since our $7 million renovations were completed about three years ago at our I-96 and Telegraph Road Chevy campus,” says Williams. She often attends the events.

The functions run from several hundred attending school fundraisers or events for the 100-Plus Women Who Care Motown (a women’s group that supports area charities that Williams co-founded) to car-club gatherings, such as the National Council of Corvette Clubs Michigan Region awards banquet, which attracted more than 200 Corvette owners.

“The car club events, obviously, help build visibility and awareness for us,” Williams says. “But many of our events are really just with the attendees and meeting planners in mind. They find the site to be very cool environment because all of the new vehicles in our showroom are beautiful, shiny and colorful.

“Attendees seem especially attracted to the Corvettes, which are on display in the Midwest’s largest indoor new-car showroom with up to 100 vehicles parked inside, including 20 or more Corvettes on display at any time,” she adds.

The Redford location was once a department and grocery store complex some 50 years ago. Today, it’s a LEED-Silver certified and GM Green Dealer facility.

“I could see business groups or clubs or meeting planners inspired to create some sort of loose automotive theme for their event, like ‘getting wheels rolling,’ or ‘revving up for the future,’ or ‘steering into tomorrow,’ or some such thing, whatever their goals are for a meeting, that could be fun! A new product reveal could go under the umbrella of ‘trunk show,’ you get the idea,” she adds. 

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