Courtesy of Iron Gate Bar Wyandotte

“The Carrot Boi is what we call our signature drink here at the Iron Gate because it’s both unique and tasty,” according to the Iron Gate food and beverage team. “During a staff meeting, we were experimenting with drinks, and once we came up with the ingredients, we had to decide on a name for the drink. It became a staff inside joke to name it the Carrot Boi. It has since become the most popular cocktail on our menu and one of our favorites to make!”



—1.5 ounces Tito’s

Handmade Vodka

—.5 ounce carrot syrup

—.5 ounce ginger syrup

—.75 ounce lemon juice

—1 ounce pineapple juice


Carrot Syrup or Ginger Syrup:

—1/2 cup carrot juice or

   1/2 cup ginger juice

—1/2 cup granulated sugar



Syrup: Combine carrot juice or ginger juice and sugar in saucepan. Bring to a boil. Let cool down, and then pour into a glass jar. Syrup can be stored in refrigerator for two to three weeks.

Cocktail: Combine all cocktail ingredients in a shaker tin, fill with ice and shake. Add crushed ice into a Collins glass, and double strain ingredients from shaker into glass. Top with a little more crushed ice and garnish with mint and a pineapple frond. 

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To Jenny Cook, there is nothing like the freedom of riding a horse along the shoreline of big water like Lake Michigan.

“I like to describe it as the ultimate freedom,” says Cook, who lives in Kalamazoo and is appointed by the governor of Michigan to represent equestrian trail riders to state public land managers and other groups.  “It’s just a way to enjoy the shoreline like you never have before.”