What's Old is New Again at Detroit's Fresh Boutique Hotels

These properties help preserve the city’s fascinating architectural story. Many are open and getting rave reviews, while at some, the paint has yet to be applied.

Greater Lansing’s Rebirth Grows in Civic Pride

Greater Lansing—historic, political and gritty—is enjoying a renaissance. “Downtown is growing by leaps and bounds and there is always something fun to do there,” says Diane Dick, the Michigan Association of School Administrators conference and events planner.

Jennifer Preslar concurs. The Michigan Association of Broadcasters planner recently arranged for 800 members of the group to gather in Michigan’s state capital for the annual Great Lakes Broadcasting Conference in March.

Enjoy Waterfront History and Recreation in Sault Ste. Marie

Rushing waterfalls, majestic forests, rocky coastlines and picturesque lighthouses help make Sault Ste. Marie a magical place. The 130-year-old city, which sits on the northeastern end of Michigan’s Upper Peninsula, is an idyllic setting for meetings and events. Here are some of the city’s top spots to explore. 

Hotels/Event Spaces

Explore Traverse City by Bike

The Best of Michigan party approaches. And since it’s in Traverse City, I’m definitely extending my stay to enjoy the area. I’ve read for years about the region’s wineries, and I’ve always wanted to take a tour. And because we’ll be there in May, I’m planning to do so by bike. There are few things more enjoyable to me than a relaxed bike ride through a beautiful landscape.

In fact, the Traverse City area is something of a bicyclist’s dream. And you don’t have to be the hard-core type: Just rent a cruiser and check out some of these trails.

Let Southfield Surprise You with it's Sophistication

Located just north of Detroit, Southfield quietly offers big-city amenities in the ease of a leafy suburb. Nearly 100 companies on the Fortune 500 list have offices here, and more Southfield residents work in computers or mathematics than 95 percent of the United States. Happily, there is no shortage of incredible event spaces to bring all those great minds together. 

Stay Awhile

Let’s Go to Lansing

The more I travel—and the longer I edit this magazine—the more I appreciate convention and visitors bureaus. They are staffed with people who know their area inside and out, and are passionately committed to supporting and promoting it. In Michigan, in particular, we've needed voices telling our story to a country that often had it wrong. Our CVBs have done as much as anyone to do so and to turn our state’s fortunes around and attract the enthusiasm and investment that we need.

Fun at Frankenmuth

I’ve been working a lot lately, and my 5-year-old has gotten a bit tired of it. So, partially out of guilt but mostly because I wanted to spend uninterrupted time with him, I took him to Frankenmuth for the weekend.


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