I’ve said it before, and I’ll say it again: Ain’t no party like an event-industry party.

The Michigan Event Professional Industry Class (EPIC) Awards were held April 6 at MotorCity Casino’s Sound Board. This was the fourth year I’ve attended this event. It’s always a great night, but this year seemed especially successful.

A brief recap: The EPIC Awards are a joint effort by the local chapters of NACE, ISES and ABC. They were created to recognize the best in the Michigan catering and event industry, giving winners a respected award to tout and providing inspiration for industry members.  

In making this year’s ceremony a hit, the venue was certainly an ally: The Sound Board is well suited to an event where you want people to mingle. The awards serve as a warm reunion night for many in the industry, and the Sound Board’s pre-function space gives just enough room to avoid feeling crowded, while ensuring people flow together.

The awards presentation took place in the main event space, where the evening’s sponsors’ efforts really shone: Luxe Event Linen, Top That! Event, Blumz by JR Designs, Gourmet Invitations, Leah Elizabeth Moss and more provided beautiful black-and-gold décor and gorgeous centerpieces. Kurt Colone of Mike Staff Productions helmed the event with his usual charm and the room’s layout ensured there wasn’t a bad seat in the house – key to keeping an awards ceremony engaging. Sam Sarkis took photos, which you’ll see in our upcoming issue.

Beyond all the elements of well designed and executed party, though, the best thing about the EPIC Awards is the spirit of cheering on each other’s successes. Some do so with particular pep (I’m looking at you, Luxe Event Linens.) But it’s satisfying to see talented, hardworking and generous people recognize each other’s work – work that is all about making people’s important moments meaningful and memorable.

One request: Several companies that had submitted for awards were unfamiliar to me. To which I say: People. I’ve been editing this magazine for four years. Drop me a line so I can get to know you and your work, because it’s clearly worth showcasing for our readers.

So to everyone who helped plan and put on this event, and to those of you who submitted for awards: Congratulations. You should feel proud of yourselves. 

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