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Let Craft Soda Pop the Top Off Your Next Event

Craft beer might be sweeping the nation, but its nonalcoholic counterpart, craft soda, is the latest buzz for those who want to sip on something with a little less of a punch. Artisanal sodas focus on high-quality, natural ingredients and often have more flavor options than mass-marketed soda. They also have ditched high fructose corn syrup, so guests can sip guilt-free. Plus, the packaging alone makes for creative décor potential. Usually bottled, craft sodas liven up any room with their vibrant colors and fun designs.

Dealing with Murphy: Use Planning Templates, Not Guesswork

Special events are different from other projects. An event is a one-time activity with fixed boundaries and there is little to no wiggle room. Once the date, time and location are set, you face a hard deadline. Ready or not, the show must go on!

According to Murphy, if something does go wrong, the client looks to the event planner—whatever the circumstances might be. This is why meticulous planning is paramount, and using templates will streamline the process.

English Garden Tablescape Mixes Romance and Vintage Charm

THE ROMANCE OF AN ENGLISH GARDEN was Derek Woodruff’s inspiration for this summertime tablescape.

Woodruff, owner of Floral Underground in Traverse City, created the table for an event showcase in New Jersey sponsored by floral supplier Syndicate Sales. The showcase was intended to offer layered looks for budget-minded planners and brides.

Tips for Effective PR

EVERYTHING DEPENDS ON STORY-who we are, what we do, our goals and dreams, and how we get there. As a public relations professional, I know well that story and relationships are the cornerstones for all success.

Public relations is relationships with key publics to grow your business. PR is more than simply getting on television or having your organization or event featured in the paper. It’s about building the right relationships that are going to bring in new customers, members or supporters and expand your reach to new audiences.

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