MiSGMP To Sue or Not To Sue: A Case of ADA Compliance

A simulated court case with their very own Judge Laurie presiding. Hear about concerns and issues from the perspectives of the plaintiff and the defendant including the reasons, rationale and perceived impact of alleged ADA compliance violations. 

To Sue or Not To Sue: A Case of ADA Compliance 
Wednesday, February 21 
Lansing Center 
333 E. Michigan Ave. 
Lansing, MI 48933 

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Wednesday, 21 February 2018 (All day)


Wednesday, March 27

What are people saying about you when they think no one is listening? How can we make the most out of our marketing? How do we change the way that our business/product/self is perceived?

Thursday, April 25

In this 4-hour course, you'll examine the key roles women play in the hospitality and meeting industries and how to overcome career obstacles to executive level positions.