The Michigan Society of Association Executives (MSAE) hosted its first inperson event since the pandemic began at The Medalist Golf Club in Marshall. MSAE’s goal was to host a fun networking opportunity that followed COVID guidelines, and helped members gain confidence attending in-person events again. Like many other COVID-era gatherings, cancellation policies were waived, and social distancing and mask-wearing within 6 feet were encouraged. Sponsors were assigned golf carts to minimize contact with golf course staff and volunteers, while attendees’ golf carts were pre-loaded with name badges, gifts from sponsors, and more in order to bypass registration. Originally planned to be a May event, the Fall Golf Outing still recruited 82 golfers. Rain threw another obstacle into the mix, but the professionals took it in stride and had a few laughs along the way.

Chances are, you won’t know you’re living through history until it’s too late. It’s already happening. A chain reaction has been set in motion and the ground has begun to slide beneath your feet. This past year has been a whirlwind to say the least. As a global pandemic sent the world reeling, planners were left grasping for footholds as the event industry was brought to a standstill and many of the most fundamental elements of live meetings and events were cast in a new light.


After a year filled with uncertainty and countless projects and proposals put on hold, growth in any sector of the hospitality industry is always welcome news. But a statewide slew of brand-new hotels? That’s something to celebrate. Here, we spotlight just a few of the new properties offering planners and guests new spots to meet, refresh and recharge.


Food trucks and meetings have gone hand in hand prior to March—but the pandemic and the resulting increase in outdoor events has launched the Andiamo Food Truck to new heights.