The votes are in! We have our Readers’ Choice Award winners.

Of course, I can’t tell you who they are just yet. We like to unveil that news in style at our annual awards party. But I can tell you that the winners this year can be extra-proud, because the contest was our toughest one yet.

Fully 4,500 people voted in this year’s awards. That’s a 50 percent jump over last year, which was itself a record-setting year. From the MiM+E perspective, it’s gratifying to see our reach grow. But it’s also exciting to see our industry so engaged with a statewide industry effort.

Our hope is that the enthusiasm translates into attendance at our annual Readers’ Choice Awards Party, to be held Thursday, May 19, at the Max M. & Marjorie S. Fisher Music Center in Detroit.

The party is always a great time and, most importantly, a chance to bring together industry members from around the state. There’s no beating face-to-face interaction with your peers, and our party is one of the few opportunities for that each year. (Plus, we have an open bar.)

Registration will open mid-March. Looking forward to seeing us set another record.

“Cannabis can have a presence in the dinner entrées and the desserts at an event. One of our panel experts from the event, Chef Sunflower [aka Enid Parham], plans the meals with ‘microdoses’ of cannabis so there is not too much consumed at one time,” says Connie Seibt, event manager and vice president of programs and education, ILEA Detroit. “It should be planned ahead for the type of cannabis to infuse in the foods, i.e. providing a relaxing mood versus high energy.


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Annual show features coveted Ferrari, Cadillac, Rolls Royce and Bentley collector vehicles.