Every year, the North American International Auto Show brings out the best of planners and vendors presenting a flurry of spectacular entertainment events during the show’s two-week run in the Motor City.

This drink, crafted by Eurest Catering in partnership with Bedrock Events, was created for a client who was hosting an Auto Show Charity Preview private reception at The Madison in downtown Detroit. Not only are local craft brews still popular for events, but locally distilled spirits are also gaining greater popularity. 

And what better way is there to showcase the best of Detroit than by creating a specialty cocktail that features Two James Spirits Vodka, which is distilled in the city’s Corktown district. 

» 2 oz. cranberry infused Two James Spirits Vodka 
» .5 oz. infused rosemary simple syrup 
» 3-4 oz. sparkling water 
» ice 
» candied orange peel 
» rosemary sprig

In a rocks glass, add ice and top with the cranberry infused vodka, rosemary infused simple syrup and sparkling water. Garnish with a candied orange peel and rosemary sprig. Relax and enjoy! 

Mix six 750 ml bottles of Two James Spirit vodka with 2.5 pounds of fresh, pureed cranberries. Let this mixture sit for three days. Then strain the puree from the vodka.

Mix one-half cup of sugar and one-half cup of water. Heat the ingredients until dissolved over medium heat. Add a few sprigs of rosemary right when it comes off the burner and steep before removing the sprigs.

2020 was on track to be a record year. For some catering companies across the state, continuous growth year-over-year had set them up for success, and they thought it would be their best 365 days yet.

And a record year it was—but not for good reasons. Layoffs and furloughs, major losses in sales, and too many cancellations and postponed events to count made 2020 a year that catering companies will never forget.


Well known for its envelope pushing cocktails served with a down-to-earth approach, Standby Detroit has not only helped to garner acclaim for Detroit’s cocktail scene, it’s continued to inspire and connect—even in the wake of a pandemic.

On-site cocktail catering and private events at the bar may be on hold through April, but guests can still enjoy creative stirred, shaken and carbonated bottled cocktails to go or book a private cocktail class to perfect their home bartending skills.


Courtesy of Two James Spirits

A unique mix of bitters creates a treat for the senses in this seasonal sip from Corktown’s Two James Spirits. While typically busy hosting tours and private events or slinging craft cocktails in its tasting room, the distillery’s team has shifted its efforts during the coronavirus outbreak. It’s been producing hand sanitizer for hospitals, police and fire departments across the Detroit metro, while lifting spirits with creative curbside cocktail kits.