Stay ahead of the game with the latest trends in the audio-visual world. From multi-image display presentation software to branded charging stations, incorporating technology enhancements into meetings, events and trade shows is key to staying on top as a planner.

“We feel these trends are important for planners to know about and understand because this is the direction the A/V industry is headed towards,” says Bob Daniels, president of the Rental & Staging Network (RSN), a group of rental and staging companies from around the world. Here are the top production trends to look for in 2014, courtesy of RSN.

  • All-white set design: Clean, crisp and white. From big borderless white screens to white drapes to white furniture to white carpets, white will be the go-to color this year.
  • Touch-screen technology: With touch-screen technology, attendees can interact more effectively with information. “It lets the user customize their experience on the trade show floor,” Daniels says.
  • Multi-image display presentation software: Impress attendees with a system that allows multiple sources—projectors, video walls, or plasma screens—to be utilized. This creates a more appealing and dramatic presentation.
  • Pixel mapping: Using projection technology, organizers can map a specific image on a large object such as the outside of a building, creating a visually memorable experience for attendees.
  • Branded charging stations: It’s common for phones to die at trade shows—and that’s where this trend is garnering popularity. Branded charging stations give attendees the ability to charge their device while also engaging in mini-networking sessions by speaking with other station users.
  • Unconventional screen shapes: Shapes such as hexagons let planners have a little fun with their screens and grab attendees’ attention.
  • Large-scale video installation: 120-by-15 LED multi-image video walls are becoming more affordable and draw more guests to your space on the trade show floor.

When executed safely, in-person meetings and events are possible. But it’s been tough for meeting planners across the nation, due to differing state-by-state and even county-by-county guidelines. In some areas, meetings and events have returned a while ago, but for others, it’s hard to imagine what planning a meeting would be like.


The fare and flare of Spain has arrived in downtown Grand Rapids with the opening of the new MDRD, pronounced Madrid, on the 27th floor of the tower at Amway Grand Plaza Hotel (previously Cygnus27 restaurant). While the feel and flavors have changed, the unparalleled views of downtown and the Grand River means that this space still provides the best skyline dining in the city. Here, every seat is the “best seat in the house.”


It’s not everyday you get the chance to log off, ditch the meetings and let loose with a can of spray paint and a blank canvas. 
Graffiti Arts, a street art, graffiti and mural agency specializing in branded art projects pairs clients with a nationwide network of local graffiti artists, giving guests a creative outlet with a variety of hands-on and team-building activities.