Detroit’s convention center, Huntington Place, not only has a new name—it was formerly called TCF Center—but it also has some new items on the catering menu. Executive chef Stephan Blaser expanded the plant-based selections with a focus on sustainability, took a “whole-animal” approach, expanded the use of made-in-Michigan ingredients and products, and offered more regional favorites. Blaser points to a few local partners: Avalon International Breads, Lagrasso Produce, Fairway Packing (for custom-made burgers and other meat and poultry), Dearborn Sausage, Great Lakes Coffee, Great Lakes Chips, and Better Made Chips. Expect beverages like Faygo soft drinks and Vernors ginger ale, plus selections from Michigan wineries and breweries.

A “Michigan Flavors” reception menu features smoked Michigan country ham, a buttermilk waffle crisp topped with confit Mallard duck, a tasting of Michigan mushrooms, and local ruby red trout.

MACVB Annual Educational Conference finally reaches the shores of Mackinac Island.

As I rode in the carriage from the Shepler’s Ferry terminal to the Grand Hotel on Mackinac Island, my mind wandered to a scene from “Monty Python and the Holy Grail.” In said scene, King Arthur and his sidekick, Patsy, approach a castle while galloping and banging coconuts together. After a few moments passed and my mind wandered back to the tree-lined streets of the island, I realized it was the clippety-clop of the draft horses pulling our carriage that brought on my thoughts of Python.


SCS Global Services (SCS), a third-party environmental and sustainability certification, auditing, testing, and standards development, has launched its Zero Waste Standard, “Zero Waste for Events.”


The Events Industry Council’s Certified Meeting Professional (CMP) program, established in 1985, is recognized around the world as a badge of excellence in the events industry. JodieAnn Cady, an independent event project manager based in Mason, is among the professionals in the inaugural class of CMP Fellows, a program launched last year.